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Huangshan Impression - Zheng Xiaohong
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Huangshan impression

In the old cave where I lived before the age of nine, two old-fashioned paintings hung with glass frames. A bright color is Guilin Landscape, above the inscription "Guilin Landscape Jia Tianxia." A blue-green tone, the main map is a very strange shape of the tree, I asked my father, "What is this tree ah, long as Zhang opened his hands." Father replied, "This is welcome Huangshan, Anhui pine." I do not understand, when I, I do not know where Anhui, but I do not know Huangshan, Ying-Song Song why things. Our country is the earlier batch of well-off rural areas in Shanxi Province, a well-off reason is relying on coal resources. In the 90s of last century, it was the peak of the coal mining in the village. In a short period of more than ten years, this billions of natural gifts were squandered at a low price. The consequences of the economic downturn are population outflows and rural teacher outflows. In the spring of 2001, I became one of the earliest village goers to go to school. I left my hometown and left the cave where I lived for nine years, leaving everything I had shown in the cave. Impression of Huangshan, stop screeching at home painting.

Sixth grade primary school, the last text of a textbook unit, entitled "Huangshan Qisong." Huangshan known as' the best in the world 'Huangshan, known as Qisong, rocks, sea of clouds, hot spring' four must 'world-famous, and people Huangshan Qison, it is a soft spot.' Was pressed to suspend the memory of the ban lift the banquet, the family's painting once again poured into my mind, the original painting that pine is so famous. I learned this lesson almost with respect and enthusiasm, and along with the description of the article, I painted an imaginary picture in my head. That place must be like a fairyland in general, the sea of clouds, pine trees in the sea of clouds, everything in the sea of clouds must be looming, vague, empty, mysterious, mysterious. And that graceful posture, enthusiasm, such as reaching out to greet visitors welcome pine and let this as fairyland all the more a touch of human taste. As a result, Huangshan became my favorite place to go.

At the end of August, under the company's organization, I finally went to this place where I had never forgotten. The second day of the itinerary, we started our official journey to Huangshan. Finally, all vague imagination has a clear appearance. Standardization, large-scale commercial development so that people now climbing do not know how much effort Province, only in the relatively high peaks still retain the natural original. The sky is a sunny day, we did not see the sea of clouds, there was some clouds in the distance. Cheson, rocks are not lacking. Welcoming visitors indeed, as the memory of the painting, the branches are strong, gloomy, weather-beaten but still vibrant, unfurling branches and leaves in the greeting of tourists from all corners of the globe. "Xiongshi" "Golden Rooster called the sky," "fairy directions" "Tengu Mochizuki", a landscape everywhere because of its lifelike, lifelike long ago, as famous, has become a tourist must visit Huangshan. Different attitude of the pine rooted in the formation of granite weathering thousands of rocks, the change out of thousands of looks, all style.

Zhou Dunyi said Lotus is a gentleman in the flower, in my opinion, Huangshan is everyone in the mountains. Huangshan has become a leader in the mountains and has become a leader of both the mountains and the mountains, no matter whether it is a tribute to his return to the Five Sacred Mountains or to Mt. Huangshan, or the "Great Wall of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River in Huangshan, a heavy burden in my heart" Symbol of nationality in heart.

Huangshan Impression, magnificent, beautiful scenery, a worthwhile trip!

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