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Huangshan feelings - Zhang Xiujuan
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Huangshan feelings

For Huangshan, I am strange, distant and fascinating;

Approaching Huangshan, I was timid, confused and staggering.

Hasty decision does not affect the careful and creative planning;

Administrative sweat, in exchange for the full harvest of colleagues and brilliant smile.

Opened circle of friends, insomnia before leaving more than one person;

Browse Baidu, the first time for travel to be a little homework.

For you, all night long no harm;

Reading you, strange rocks reflect the eyelids.

Huizhou ancient house poly essence, pavilions towering noble Ang.

Blue brick gray horse wall, the ancient village lake scenery is good.

Huizhou zhaobi pass culture, Xin'an River side view tours.

Building Tunxi Street, Ya, Yishanbashi merchants bustling.

Welcome Song, although no painting in the momentum, nor imagined burly,

Just for your warm hospitality exhibition arms, inclusive universal life Millennium,

Only for you just Arima Yuping, grace generous gesture.

How many people stooped bow for you staggering,

Even a tired body hurt his leg;

How many people care for you with young Deng Dengfeng,

Whether old baby or blond long legs.

Mount Huangshan, I am excited, how many reverie rolled in my mind;

Go down Huangshan, I am proud, countless steps to measure with both legs.

Huangshan Mountain does not look back, the Five Sacred Mountains do not return to see the mountains,

Visible your reputation as the king of the mountains.

Although it has not met with the sea of clouds to meet,

But regrettable hot summer inflammation to the color change.

Kun people, strict organizational discipline, good team spirit.

Uniform dress image is good, safe and civilized must remember jail.

Be late and leave early to deduct points, CD-ROM action to be implemented.

Games talent contest, set a target for group competition.

Champions runner-up awards, the bottom of the group leader push-ups.

Travel is not monotonous, the staff should be noble character.