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Huangshan ink, thick love Kun - Yao Xin
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Huangshan ink, thick Kunde

——2017 company building activities

In order to enhance teamwork, enhance team cohesion, promote communication and collaboration among departmental staff, rebuild organizational passion, enrich staff cultural life, and steadily recommend corporate culture construction, Zhejiang Kunde Innovation Geotechnical Engineering Co., Ltd. On August 26-28, 2017, employees were organized to go to Huangshan, Anhui Province to carry out staff outdoor team expansion activities.

The total number of participating companies for the event was 85, divided into 8 groups of 10 people, 5 logistics staff. According to the age, seniority, project department and other different personnel situation, the Ministry of Administration in advance carried out grouping and developed the rules of the league activities.

At 6:00 AM on August 26, 2017, 85 employees gathered on time in front of the company building. The team leaders counted their staff and arranged them neatly. All of them boarded the bus bound for Huangshan with excitement. At this point, , Wonderful outdoor group officially opened. On the way, logistics team Zheng Xin and Huang Fei provided wonderful "digital bomb" and "employee style" activities. The team members actively participated in the exhibition, which not only provided opportunities for employees to display but also alleviated the cultural activities The exhaustion of the road, we unconsciously more than five hours passed, the bus reached Huangshan City.

To Huangshan City, enjoy the Chinese meal, we guided tour led tour of the first attraction Huishang big house, which is located in Pixian County, the ancient buildings cluster arch, stage, pavilions, gardens, waterslides equal to one for Combination of house groups, there are houses twenty-sixth, hundreds of houses, patio 36, 1580 pillars. Huizhou Commercial Grand House imposing momentum, the horse wall layers of ups and downs, eaves eagerly, pavilion Pavilion, arch house dynasty seamless, "three carvings" (stone carvings, wood carvings, brick carvings) abound, brings together Huizhou Qing Dynasty residential building essence in a park.


After touring Huizhou Commercial House, enjoying dinner, the night has come. For everyone with full energy to climb Mount Huangshan tomorrow, the logistics team arranged for everyone to return to the room to rest. Because Huangshan inconvenient to focus on eating, the company returned some funds to each group to focus on the procurement of units for the unit to prepare for Mount Huangshan to prepare adequate dry food to eat.

06:50 the next morning, everyone in time for the hotel in front of the collection, dress uniform, neat queue. After more than an hour's drive, everyone came to the foot of Huangshan, dark shade of trees makes one eye bright. When the moment after getting off the car, the breeze blowing in his face, there will be a plume of cool feeling. Tour guide to explain the relevant issues on mountain climbing, the division of labor and planning arrangements, the mighty mountain climbing team to the top of the hill.


Huangshan in August, picturesque, sunshine and soft. Looked at the mountains of overlapping peaks, as if embedded in the window of the landscape, people enjoyable. 85 teams gradually dispersed in the mountains, and then submerged in the crowd. One by one, sometimes gentle, sometimes steep. At the beginning, each person's pace of vigorous flying, up the momentum of the stairs, there is not the mountain does not give up the atmosphere. However, with the passage of time and the steep uphill road, everyone's physical exertion also consumes a lot. Two legs seem to fill with lead seems more and more heavy. In addition to taking a step to pay a great deal of strength, but also need a lot of courage and perseverance.

On the way up the mountain, everyone tired breathless. Therefore, taking a break for a short while will almost become a law, eat some food, or drink some water, or take a photo to become everyone's trilogy. There are also some team members who are weak but the teams help each other and the team encourages each other and helps each other. Whenever there are pick mountain workers from the side of the time, everyone will involuntarily asked: "How far away from the top of the mountain?" Pick mountain workers humorously said: "But then climb for a while." However, we climbed great For a while, still did not reach the summit. At this time, some team members said in a mockery of themselves: "When I embark on my journey with my goal, then anyway, it will not be far away." His humorous amused everyone laughed. After a short break, everyone then went to the top of the mountain. On the way forward, we encountered such attractions as "Tenguochouyue", "Zhaoxiu Pavilion", "Snow Pavilion", "Fairy Guide", "Fairy Turns Table", "Beihai" and "Baie Ling". While we stop to watch, we still do not forget to use the lens to leave the best memories.

After that, after enjoying lunch at Haixin Pavilion, the team then started to travel to Guangming Ding. After reaching the bright summit, everyone looked to the distance. I saw the sun refracted on the rock, reflecting the radiation of golden astigmatism, anti-halo a hazy mist. At this time, overlooking the mountains, like a fairy lower bound in general. That kind of magnificent, Heavenly Gods King looks like a fairyland, the kind of list of small mood gathered in the heart, we can not help but sigh, the Five Sacred Mountains back do not look at the mountains, Huangshan return to see Yue, really deserved reputation.


Afterwards, everyone marched toward the welcoming pine and curled up the mountain roads. Sometimes people were scared and sometimes people were delighted. Everyone was amazed at the magical nature. Ying welcoming attractions, everyone wonders for it wonders. Ying-pine pine stand in the Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area Yusheng Lou next to the stone, 1670 meters above sea level. Height 9.91 meters, 2.05 meters bust, branches 2.55 meters high. The middle part of the trunk stretches out two large side branches stretching up to 7.6 meters to the front, just like a hospitable host, arms outstretched and warmly welcomes guests from all over the world to visit Huangshan. Visitors to this, suddenly booming trip, have taken pictures, cited as fortunate. As a symbol of friendship between the Chinese people and people in the world, welcoming pine has long been famous both at home and abroad. Our country leaders have met numerous innocent messengers before the huge welcoming Song Chinese painting in the Great Hall of the People and have forged profound friendship with people of all countries in the world. Welcome Song as a national treasure, is a well-deserved.


We are excited for the challenges of nature, self-defeating, but also for the entire team suffering together, hand in hand team spirit. Due to the time, we take a break after a while, then began to go down again. People often say that it is easy to go downhill and difficult to go downhill. Each step downhill means hardships, but the whole team encourages each other and helps each other. In a harmonious atmosphere, then the big difficulties, then the big challenge and what can be considered. After more than two hours of hard work, everyone successfully reached the foot of the mountain. However, in the process of going downhill, it shows the spirit of unity, mutual assistance and strong resoluteness of the Kunde people. Even tourists on the roadside have asked us one after another: "Are you a company and recruit people?" We use our own actions in the spirit of Kundexun, Kun de momentum.

Back to the hotel later, we go to the room to rest. In the evening, the company carefully prepared dinners and events for everyone. The host, Zheng Xin, announced the dribs and drabs in the team activities during the past two days, as well as the achievements of the teams. Everyone speaks freely, enjoy singing, share the friendship with Kunde, grateful Kunde provide platform, thanks Kunde leadership cultivation, you sing me strike debut, taking into account the day before tomorrow's trip, the dinner after the speech of the directors Come to an end


The third day 08:00 morning, everyone on time in front of the hotel collection, still dress uniform, neat queue. We take a tour of the national AAAA scenic area - the lakeside ancient villages, watching the "Lin Gallery Qing Ying," "Huizhou Zhaobi" "lakeside ancient villages" "Tunpu to sail" "Cliff stone" "sky pavilion" "hydrophilic floor" and so on landscape. Take the antique luxury cruise ship and visit the Xin'anjiang River. On the cruise ships, enjoy the scenery such as white gauze, purple lock, rare rainbow trout, mirror whitebait, Luo Tong sunset, Five Bridge color competition and Moon Island. Let you feel like being in Qiongyao Wonderland, floating in the air. Finally, we arrived at Tunxi Old Street, Tunxi Old Street from the Song Dynasty, the Ming and Qing Dynasties developed into Huizhou distribution center. A total length of 1273 meters, well-preserved, row upon row of shops, ancient architecture elegant, is a Ming and Qing architectural pedestrian street. Street shops dense compact, store, workshop, residential Trinity, retaining the ancient business, "before the store after the shop," or "before the shop" business pattern and characteristics of the building is only two or three floors, mostly wood weave structure, stone Basis, brick, horse head wall, small blue tiles, Huizhou wood carvings, gold signs, Zhu Ge double eaves, simple and elegant, gorgeous noble.

At noon, we arrived at the designated hotel to enjoy lunch, the host announced the results of the integration points, and finally the fifth group of Kun De team with a total score of 74 points, won the championship; the second group of a dream team with a total score of 66 points, access to Runner-up; seventh hope team with a total score of 64 points to get third runner-up. When sharing the award-winning speech, Yan Erjian, the fifth team leader, said that we achieved the first place in this event. The most important thing is that we all work together to unite as our slogan, "Kunde first, Our first; the most cattle team, we are the best! "No country where there is home, there is no team how can there be individuals, there is no Kun how everyone!


The end of Chinese food, so far, our wonderful unforgettable activities basically completed the successful organization. In the afternoon, everyone returned to the company by car.

During these three days of activities, from the moment when tears and sweat are intertwined, every member of the team truly felt the pride of breaking self. All of us deeply understood that the most difficult thing for people Overcome the most difficult breakthrough is the self, while the team's overall cohesion began to gradually set up at that moment.

The smooth progress of the staff building activities promoted the exchange and communication among staff in various departments, delighted the employees and inspired the employees' morale, which played a positive role in further enhancing team cohesion. Through our team activities and cultural advocacy, our core values of "upright and down-to-earth work" have become the common belief of all the employees of the company, enabling us to fully understand and understand the corporate culture and enhance the sense of intimacy and mission of our employees. At the same time, we can make people feel the dynamic, energetic and passionate cultural experience of Kunde and realize the goal of the team so that the relations between Kundek family members are further sublimated.