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Congratulations Kunde people won the "city music run" Ningbo station second place
NOTETIME:2017-12-29 14:30:07 READ:3 TIMES

Congratulations Kunde people won the "city music run" Ningbo station second place

Aristotle said: "Do you want to young? Running! Do you want rich? Running! Do you want to be happy? Running!


Kunde people set up "Kunde run it" gathered 20 runners in the enterprise. On October 13, our figure appeared on the scene of "City Running" sponsored by China Vanke. The activity is "run out of happiness, ran out of health, ran out of friendship" for the purpose of non-commercial, non-title, not athletic mass sports activities. Activities jointly Ningbo influential enterprises and institutions to participate, intended for four kilometers of the track, so that participants enjoy the fun of running, and thus allow more businesses for staff sports to create better conditions and atmosphere.


As soon as a revival of gunfire was heard over the Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, the team run into the red, yellow and blue teams officially started. The atmosphere inside and outside the stadium was exuberant and the audience shouted deafeningly. I saw the track wearing a white T shirt printed with fresh yellow characters "Kunde Run it," the Kunde like running like a horse in the crowd, beyond the shuttle. In a matter of moments most Kunde people figure appears in the first array of running the regiment. In running, we forget the age, forget the gender, forget the occupation, and even forget the time. There is only one belief in my mind: "Mobilize the energy of the whole body and keep running!" Although the average age of our team is larger than that of other teams, several of the teams in "Kunde Running" team People are every day to run a few kilometers to run love run up to people. When we know that "Kunde Run" team eventually won second place in the team's good grades, everyone jumped around like a child, cheered, hugged each other and ran away. The camera recorded these moments of happiness, wonderful moments, I believe this one photo will be able to become an important memory of our business.