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Summary of 2017 conference 2018 business plan conference spring 2018 annual meeting special.
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2017 has been away from us, the 2018 is to move at a brisk pace coming to us.

The   afternoon of February 10, 2018, kuender geotechnical staff in Hong Yue   hall held a jubilee joy on the third floor 2017 annual summary of the   work conference and the 2018 business plan conference.

The beginning of the meeting, general manager Mr. Lv Meidong made a summary of the work and Prospect of 2018 2017 for us. Chairman Mr. Zhang Chufu made a wonderful speech of cohesion, ". An   important link in the meeting, Thanksgiving and kuender rock grow   employees, more than 5th anniversary employees in the service awarded   the silver medal.


Six   p.m. all the staff and the company's friends together in the Jubilee   Hall of the Delight Inn Hong Juxian spring 2018 annual meeting. The   banquet was the first to recognize and reward outstanding performance   in the past year in their colleagues, down-to-earth, innovative and   enterprising spirit, their work attitude worthy of every learning.

For session ended, Mr. Zhang Chufu chairman of the us to the most sincere greetings message.Thank you, thank everyone in kuender way help support family and partners!


The   next step is of course we show the self, with the R & D department   Zheng Ting brought a "change" was the prelude to the Party of ah, time   is changing, the times are changing, but we are building kuender heart   will never change.


This   year the company's bigwigs also show the handsome dance a dance for us,   "Call of the ambulance" - will show to a climax, the bigwigs program is   too great, no way, friends in the warm call, bigwigs singing, is to add   a beautiful evening pen.


The   company's bigwigs have dispatched performances, our interns also needs   to show our young style, Xu Yuefeng, Lvliang days, Feng Lingbo and Wang   Zewei brought me the comic "three sentences", watching them performing   on the stage so good, small can only silently sigh, it is so young.

The   draw is certainly a highlight of the evening, third-prize with lucky   prize even with smoke, a surprise with a small, just want to say, the   party that field?


Do you think that our party almost? No, No, No, buddies continue to look down our party has just begun.

Of course, to participate in the party together, how can a little game this link? The   game came out, everyone rushed to empty and full participation, the   most popular mobile phone games and tug of war, my mother will not worry   about I have been playing mobile phone does not work, this is not, mom,   the prizes to win you back!


The two prize is such a heavyweight, heavy pedal pedal a rice cooker. The winning buddy hurry back the rice cooker to do delicious Steamed Rice!!! Behind every thought is certainly lucky ~ leaders are considerate, lest we return empty handed.


The excitement of the link should be slightly relaxed, not too excited, not all the delicious food. A   song by Tang Jiaxin, Zhu Lei's "Yan" a party homing, relieve tension,   excitement, let everyone enjoy the show at the same time, but also to   fill his stomach.

Well, rest and rest, eat eat, and now it's time to enter the excitement!!! The first prize will be who gets what?

Small   make up for a long time, is also thinking of the camera brother   lottery, we won the first prize winner of the award was not to take   photos! Leadership, can give the camera button ~ brother chicken

This   is a wonderful program, a little beauty's song "Arirang" of the song,   the dance, let me drunk Zhang Chenxi small beauty song, don't drag me!


See! Who is that? This is not the cost of operating the Department of the Ministry and the people? This year they will also "trouble"?

This time they brought a variety show "speak out" Tucao conference! The company dares not Tucao? It shows that our company is or how a family of love?


Following the show, was brought about by the beauty of their sign language dance "grateful heart". There   are many in this world we're thankful people, we should always have a   heart of Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving parents, Thanksgiving friends,   Thanksgiving Thanksgiving all opponent.   ! A party is the most exciting time! The grand prize to be born!!! The   beauty congratulations to our photo, small in addition to envy is the   envy ah, I hope the next time can care for a small fortune, let Xiaobian   also take a little prize back.


With   the grand prize lucky was born, we will also close to the end, along   with a song by Wu Xiaoli, the lead singer Liang Weidong "tomorrow will   be better", the party also in the song slowly dropped the curtain, also   by singing to the virtuous blessing, we will be better tomorrow!   2018, cohesion, starting again!


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