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Courage to play a key breakthrough in efforts to create a new situation in urban and rural housing construction
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Chen Zhenggao requirements in the national housing construction work meeting

Courage to play a key breakthrough in efforts to create a new situation in urban and rural housing construction

December 19, the national housing construction work conference held in Beijing. Chen Zhenggao, Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction and Secretary of the Party Group, made a speech titled "Be Cautious, Breakthrough Key Points and Strive to Create a New Situation in Housing Urban and Rural Construction", comprehensively summarized the 2014 urban and rural housing construction work and 2015 work tasks Make a deployment. Vice Minister and Party member Chen Dawei made a concluding speech; Vice Minister and Party member Qi Ji and Wang Ning attended the meeting. They were headed by Shi Jiulong, head of the Discipline Inspection Group of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Ministry of Party Branch.

Chen Zhenggao pointed out: This year, the Central Party Committee and the State Council set forth new requirements on housing construction in urban and rural areas. The central leading comrades have made important instructions on many occasions. Under the leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the cadres and workers of housing and urban-rural construction systems have faced difficulties and pioneering and innovating, completing various tasks assigned by the State Council in an all-round manner. The urban construction of affordable housing projects started 7 million sets, basically completed 4.8 million units, renovation of 2.6 million dilapidated houses in rural areas.

This year, housing urban and rural construction system to promote reform. Earnestly implemented the decision-making arrangements of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, deepened the reform of the administrative examination and approval system and canceled and delegated a number of administrative examination and approval projects; started the pilot projects of shared property ownership housing and implemented the pilot operation of "low-cost housing and public rental housing" ; Promote the reform of engineering quality and safety supervision system; promote the reform of standard management system and cost pricing mechanism.

This year, housing and urban housing construction system efforts to cope with the complex situation of the real estate market. In conjunction with the relevant departments to take active measures to maintain the overall smooth running of the real estate market.


This year, housing construction in urban and rural areas continue to have new expansion. Actively respond to social concerns and concentrate on studying and solving major issues. Innovative ideas to promote urban infrastructure construction; started two years of project quality management actions to implement the five-party construction project leader of the quality of life responsibility system; start five years of rural living garbage special governance action to improve the rural living environment.

When deploying urban and rural housing construction next year, Chen Zhenggao demanded that the entire system should take the initiative to adapt to the new normal of economic development and focus on raising the living standards of the people, enhancing the overall urban carrying capacity, improving the ecological environment in urban and rural areas, making overall planning, Promote solid progress, pragmatic effect, and strive to create a new situation in housing urban construction.

First, we must maintain a stable and healthy development of the real estate market. Accurately grasp the real estate market in the operation of the emerging new situations and new problems, and actively respond to and promote the smooth operation of the real estate market. Continue to promote the construction of affordable housing projects next year plans to start 7 million units, the basic built 4.8 million units. We will lay the foundations for independent coal mining and the transformation of shantytowns in state-owned forest areas and reclamation areas and strive to accomplish the tasks of renovating the shantytowns in forest areas and reclamation areas by 2015 and basically complete the task of renovating the shantytowns in the independent industrial and mining areas by 2017. Pay close attention to public rental housing facilities, make public rental allocation of occupancy, so that more housing difficulties to the masses moved into the new home as soon as possible. To innovate housing security working methods. It is necessary to create new public rental housing on demand and pay attention to raising housing sources through the market so as to achieve the goal of "complementing bricks and heads" and increasing the efficiency of housing security.

The second is to further promote the project quality control, urban infrastructure and rural living garbage control three tasks. To manage the quality of the project, we should know our position in a proper manner, adopt a resolute attitude, take effective measures, strictly implement accountability, punish according to law, and form a situation that we can not violate laws and regulations and do not want to violate laws and regulations. Improve urban infrastructure, it is necessary to innovate institutional mechanisms, but also improve the working methods, through regular disclosure of network leakage rate, garbage reduction rate and other indicators to promote. Control of rural garbage, according to the standard acceptance, grasp the two, and promote the middle with the overall situation.

Third, we must strive to achieve new breakthroughs in six areas.

First, vigorously improve the competitiveness of the construction industry, to achieve transformation and development. Pay close attention to formulate supportive policies and improve the system of standards and norms to housing construction as the focus to protect the room as the guide to promote the large-scale green building, the overall development of modern building industry to achieve a new leap forward.

Second, to strengthen urban design. Summarized the successful practices in the country, absorbing foreign experience, the development of urban design technology guidelines. From the overall level of the city to key areas and lots, we must carry out urban design, put forward architectural style, color, material requirements. Architectural design and project approval must comply with urban design requirements.

Third, under the construction of illegal management. From the perspective of safeguarding the authority of urban planning, expanding the space for development, protecting the ecological environment, shaping the height of the urban landscape, and understanding the impact and harms of illegal construction, we must make every effort to eliminate efforts and prevent illegal construction.

Fourth, pay close attention to building energy efficiency. Publish a roadmap for building energy efficiency and clarify future goals and tasks. Next year to add more than 300 million square meters of green buildings to complete the northern residential heating metering and energy-saving transformation of 150 million square meters.

Fifth, to promote urban clean-up projects. A clean environment is the need of the people and a symbol of civilization, which reflects the management level of the city. To promote and promote good experience, good practices, for the majority of residents to create a clean, clean urban environment.

Sixth, start the village planning in an all-round way. We should take village planning as the "leader" to guide the rural construction and rural environment improvement, speed up the formulation of plans and clearly implement the main body of responsibility and the regulatory system. With the participation of the majority of villagers, we should make the blueprint for the project a reality and make the village more attractive .

Chen Zhenggao stressed that the majority of cadres and workers in the housing urban and rural construction system should innovate their working methods in light of the characteristics of the industry. It is better to persuade than to persuade people to make good use of the power of the media and insist on leading by example so as to achieve a linkage between the two sides and improve work efficiency and standards.

Chen Zhenggao finally proposed that housing and urban-rural construction systems should further enhance their sense of responsibility and mission, and under the correct leadership of the Central Party Committee and the State Council, with the vigorous support of all relevant departments and local Party committees and governments at all levels, tackle hardship, reform with dedication and do solid work Continue to push housing construction in urban and rural areas to a new level and make new and greater contributions to building a beautiful China!

In his concluding speech, Chen Dao put forward four requirements on the implementation of the conference. First, we must conscientiously do a good job in meeting the spirit of learning, reporting and communication, and implement the next year's work plan and requirements. Second, we must pay close attention to formulating and implementing the work program. Each task must have clear responsibilities, specific requirements and measures in place. Third, we must earnestly carry out the 10 key tasks of the conference deployment and achieve results. Fourth, it is necessary to unite the forces in many areas, report to the party committees and governments and communicate and coordinate more with the relevant departments. They should conduct more in-depth research at the grass-roots level and strive to step up publicity and guidance.

Provincial and municipal autonomous regions Housing and Urban Construction Department, municipalities directly under the Central Government and the relevant departments, municipalities and city planning committees and major departments responsible person, the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Construction Bureau chief, the CPC Central Committee and State Council departments (bureau) Chiefs of Infrastructure Construction Barracks Engineering Bureau, responsible persons of China Seamen Construction Trade Union, all divisions and departments of ministries and agencies, and principal persons in charge of subordinate units attended the meeting.

Excerpt from "China Construction News" 2014.12.22 reporter Wang Ting Lee Ying