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Application of pressure capsule expansion of anti-floating anchor technology to make new breakthroughs
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Pressure-type expansion of anti-floating anchor is self-developed, in the international advanced level of patented technology, the technology is currently in many provinces and cities, especially coastal cities have been successfully applied. However, according to the national industry standard JGJ / T282-2012, there is no precedent for the implementation of this technology in Ningbo soft soil geological conditions. On Dec. 26, 2014, Ningbo Kunde Innovation Geotechnical Co., Ltd. (referred to as Kunde Geotechnical Engineering Co., Ltd.) was approved by China Metallurgical Construction Research Institute Co., Ltd., Ningbo Institute of Architectural Design & Research Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., successfully obtained the anti-pullout test data in Ningbo area and mastered various construction control indexes and process methods to provide important technical reference for large-scale application of this technology in Ningbo typical soft soil area, thus succeeding Through the Ningbo Municipal Construction Committee organized the construction of scientific and technological achievements review.


Kunde geotechnical implementation of the subject "compression-type capsule expansion anchor in Ningbo area" successfully passed the Ningbo Municipal Construction Committee organized the construction of scientific and technological achievements review

The main objective of Kunde rock and soil to undertake this task is to apply the new technology of pressure-resistant bladder expansion anti-floating anchor under the engineering geological conditions in Ningbo. This technology in Ningbo and other coastal soft soil areas there is no typical case, in order to prove that the technology can be applied in soft soil areas such as Ningbo, Kunde geotechnical in the selection of soft clay with the typical characteristics of Ningbo Di Square do Rock bolt pull-up test was successful. The practice conclusion shows that the pressure-resistant capsule expanded anti-floating anchor technology provides a good anti-floating solution for underground structures in Ningbo and opens up a broad prospect for the application of this technology in Ningbo.

In recent years, with the continuous strengthening of national construction and the deepening of urbanization, the construction scale of Ningbo has been expanding year by year. The construction land has become increasingly tense. The development and utilization of underground space such as large-scale complexes, underground parking lots, underground transportation, Increase, facing the anti-floating problem will also become more and more prominent, the application of pressure-type capsule expansion anchor technology is intended to replace anti-floating anti-floating pile used in various underground structures in Ningbo. While solving the application problems in Ningbo, Kunde Rock and Soil successfully applied this new technology to the construction of a series of major projects in other provinces and cities such as the anti-floating anchorage project of the underground structure of Yuhang Shopping Mall in Hangzhou, the China Energy Storage Building Anti-floating bag pockets expansion anchor project and the Xicheng Plaza North Square underground structure anti-floating project, also achieved outstanding results.


IKEA Hangzhou Yuhang shopping malls underground structure anti-floating anchor project


Shenzhen China Energy Storage Building Anti-floating bag expansion bolt works

Floating anchorage project of underground structure of IKEA Hangzhou Yuhang shopping mall in China, anti-floating bag pontoon expansion bolt project of China Energy Storage Building in Shenzhen City, and anti-floating structure of underground structure in North Square of Xining Central Plaza are all conducted according to the geological conditions and geotechnical layer of this site Taking the basic parameters into account, considering the depth of underground structures and the cost of anti-floating anchorage, the pressure-expanding capsule anchor was selected as the anti-floating stabilizing member. The observation results after construction show that the anti-floating stabilizing structure made up of pressure-bearing capsule expanded anchors is under a reasonable force and all the specialized departments in the locality carry out various tests and appraisals. The test results fully meet the requirements of the standard and are an advanced and reliable , Applicable, economic anchoring technology, in terms of duration, cost and quality control and other indicators far superior to similar technologies. Due to the strict requirements of owners and supervisors, Kunde Rock and Soil can carry out construction in a down-to-earth manner in line with the requirements of the code and force various construction problems to complete the construction tasks as scheduled, thus winning the trust and praise of customers so that users are expected to have their places The application of the technology can be rapidly promoted in the province and municipalities to provide quality services for the construction of the region.

Kunde geotechnical application of pressure-type expansion of anti-floating anchor new technology, compared with the traditional technology, the advantage is obvious:

First, advanced technology. As the pressure-bearing capsule expansion anti-floating anchor rod stress principle compared with the traditional anti-pull pile, which takes full advantage of the anchor pile to expand the head end soil pressure, so the consumption of the same amount of material Under the provided anti-pull force can be greatly enhanced (in Ningbo, the pressure-bearing capsule expanded anti-floating anchor features can reach more than 50t, while ordinary bolt pull-up bearing capacity of the general value of 10t or less). The construction process of the pressure-resisting capsule expanded anti-floating anchor rod is relatively simple, there is no problems such as hole collapse of the bored pile, no complicated process such as pouring the concrete reinforcement cage, and the quality control is simple.

Second, energy-saving emission reduction. Compared with the traditional bored pile, this technology has very little mud emission. At the same time, anchoring at the bottom of the slab can effectively reduce the negative bending moment of the slab. The design can reduce the thickness of the slab and the amount of reinforcement, reduce the energy consumption and waste emission due to the production of cement rebar, meet the national green environmental protection policy of energy saving and emission reduction .

Third, affordable. Because this technology makes full use of the mechanical properties of soil, the cost of raw materials can be greatly reduced while providing the same anti-pull force, and the cost can be reduced by more than 15% compared with the traditional anchor rod in overall cost.

Fourth, reliable quality. The pockets and other piles used in the pressure-resisting capsule expanded anti-floating anchor rod are all factory-made and are more reliable than the general control of the construction site of the rock bolt, and are guaranteed by grouting in the bladder and pressure , The number of dual control, to ensure that the minimum diameter of the pile and slurry uniformity, to ensure that the pocket can be fully opened and the rod body center. It is foreseeable that the successful geotechnical, innovative and one-for-all customer spirit and the successful experience in the construction and R & D of this technology are the successful examples of the innovative application of pressure-type expanded anti-floating anchor technology The company opened up a bigger market and laid a solid foundation.