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Yuyao gold Lan Yue project
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Yuyao gold Lan Yue project

Gemdale Lan Yue Project is a real estate project invested by Yuyao Jindi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Gemdale Corporation, with a construction scale of 136,000 m2 and a contract price of about 158 million. The project is divided into two tenders, which are respectively contracted by Zhongxia Construction Group Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Housing Construction Group Co., Ltd., and the pile foundation project is subcontracted by our company.

Pile foundation construction preparation time began on January 30, 2013, after the Spring Festival, the official construction time is February 26, 2013. The construction period is very tight. The sales area of 305 bored piles must be completed by March 20, and the 534 bored piles in the non-sales area must also be completed before April 20.

In the early stage of construction, due to the large deviation of geological survey, the tonnage of our company entered the site with larger tonnage and slower footage, which affected the progress of the project. Division I for the tight project schedule, the construction site is small, distribution power shortage situation, take specific measures to rationalize the process, relentless potential, while increasing the small pile driver, reasonable scheduling, increase the generator and other measures in the company , Project Department, team members and joint efforts, the sales area pile foundation project completed on time, access to the owners and supervision units alike, and laid the foundation for non-sales area construction.

Non-sales area construction, the Division I take a not suitable for the departure of large pile driver, the top practical piling machine strategy, down to earth, reasonable arrangements, and ultimately completed one day in advance, by the owners, supervision units unanimously appreciated and obtained Brothers unit's praise.

During the construction of the pile foundation, not only demonstrated the strength of our company, impressed the owners and supervision units, but also aroused great repercussions in the nearby fraternal units and expressed our admiration for the strength demonstrated by our company.

This is the first cooperation between our company and Midea Real Estate, and at the same time, it has laid a good foundation for the company's new year's development!